Specifications: H7320 available from Hines Equipment Co., NC



New Holland-Disc Cutterbar    


  MowMax™ True Modular Disc Cutterbar

Width of Cut, ft. in. (m)

  9' 2" (2.8)

Number of discs


Number of knives

  14 (2 per disc)

Disc Speed, rpm


Cutting angle

  2 to 10 degrees

Hydraulic Cutting angle control


Standard Cutting height skid shoe, in. (mm)

   0.95 to 3.2 (24 to 81)

Fixed Raised, high-stubble skid shoe

   2.25-4.5 (57-114)

Adjustable Raised, high-stubble skid shoe


BioMass skid shoe


Ground clearance with header fully raised, in. (mm)

  17" (432)

Cutterbar Flotation

  Vertical and lateral, adjustable springs

QuickMax™ Knife Change System


ShockPro™ Disc Drive Hub protection system


MowMax™ 3-year cutterbar protection plan

Chevron-Design Roll Conditioner    

Chevron-Design Roll Conditioner




Roll Length, in. (mm)


Roll Diameter, in. (mm)


Roll Drive


Roll Speed, rpm


Roll Pressure System


Conditioner Intensity Adjustment

LeaningEdge™ Flail Conditioner    

LeaningEdge™ Flail Conditioner


Number of LeaningEdge flails


Semi-Swinging LeaningEdge flail design


Rotor Diameter, in. (mm)

  22 (560)

Standard Speed, rpm


Optional Slow Speed, rpm



  4 HB V-belt

Conditioner Intensity Adjustment.

  Single crank adjustable rotor hood

Optional Textured Hood Liner Kit


Standard Drawbar


Drawbar Swivel Hitch


2-pt Swivel Hitch


Height, Transport, ft. in. (m)

  5' 8" (1.7)

Height, Operating, ft. in. (m)

  4' 5" (1.3)

Width, Transport, ft. in. (m)

  9' 11" (3.0) with standard drawbar hitch

Width, Operating, Std. Drawbar Hitch, ft. in. (m)

  14' 10" (4.52)

Width, Operating 2-pt Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m)


Width, Operating Drawbar Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m)


Length, Transport, Standard Drawbar Hitch, ft. in. (m)

  17' 7" (5.3)

Length, Transport, 2-pt Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m)


Length, Transport, Drawbar Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m)


Length, Operating, Standard Drawbar Hitch, ft. in. (m)

  17' 2" (5.2)

Length, Operating, 2-pt Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m)


Length, Operating Drawbar Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m)


Weight, Operating lbs. (kg)

  3,740 (1696)


  540 rpm PTO, enclosed gears and four HB belt
Drive Protection    

Drive Protection

  Slip clutch and over-running clutch

Hydraulic swing

  Standard (double-acting cylinder)

Operating Position

  Side-Pull, Right Side

Hydraulic lift

  Standard (operated by two single-acting cylinders; master/slave)

Hydraulic tilt

  Optional (operated by single-acting cylinder and incorporated into the lift system)
Material Discharge    

Swath, ft. (mm)

  6 (1829)

Windrow, ft. (mm)

  Adjustable from 3 to 6 (914 to 1829)

Wide Thin Fin Kit (100 % Coverage)


Operating, mph (kph)

  0 to 9 (0 to 14.5)

Transport, mph (kph)

  20 (32)
Tractor Requirement    

Tractor Requirement

  65 PTO hp (48 kW) or greater with standard ASAE Category II drawbar.

Hydraulic valves

  All models require two remote hydraulic valves capable of 1500 psi (10343 kPa), 7-pin SAE J560 connector for transport lights
Tubeless Ag Rib Implement Tires    


  9.5L x 14 6PR