Features TV6070 Bi Directional available from Hines Equipment Co., NC


The Lugging Power Needed to Handle Tough Jobs

TV6070 engine torque rise provides enough lugging power to handle your most challenging field conditions and tasks. Large 6.7-L (411-cu. in.) displacement means the engine can generate rated horsepower across a wide rpm range with less work than smaller engines. The engine’s time-proven parent bore block design combines strength and durability yet offers easy repair.



As the biodiesel clean-energy leader, New Holland approves the use of farmer-grown B100 biodiesel for the TV6070.* By using clean-burning, environmentally friendly, biodiesel fuel you contribute to:


•Cleaner air from reduced emissions

•Reduced imports of foreign oil

* Biodiesel must be high quality, produced to ASTM D6751 standards and purchased from a reputable supplier.


•Air-to-air intercooling and cross-flow head design. This efficient design improves engine breathing for good fuel economy and qualifies for Tier III emissions certification.

•Three stage air filtering. Air filtering includes a spin-tube pre-cleaner that separates larger dust particles before the intake air reaches the dual element air filter. This can help extend service intervals for lower operating costs and deliver long engine life.


Offered for applications such as mowing or hay baling where the grill screen tends to plug with chaff and dirt, the reversing option automatically rotates fan blades to momentarily blow air backwards through the radiator and clean the grill.