Specifications: TS6.120 available from Hines Equipment Co., NC




Engine Type

  4 cylinder air-to-air intercooled turbo diesel

Engine Make / Model

  Fiat Powertrain Industrial / FPT NEF

Engine Displacement [cu in (L)]

  274 (4.5 )

Rated Engine Horsepower @ 2200 RPM


Rated PTO Horsepower


Emissions Certification

  Tier 4B

Base Transmission

  8x8 synchronized hydraulic shuttle w/left hand shuttle

Optional Transmission

  8x8 synchronized mechanical shuttle w/left hand shuttle

Premium Transmission

  16x8 dual power synchronized hydraulic shuttle w/left hand shuttle (not available on high clearance)

Creeper Option

  10:1 gear ratio

PTO (rpm)


3-Point Hitch

  Category II w/flex link ends

Base 3-Point Hitch ASAE Lift Capacity [lbs (kg)]

  3735 (1693)

Option 3-pt. ASAE Lift Capacity [lbs (kg)]

  5499 (2499)

Option 2 3-pt. ASAE Lift Capacity [lbs (kg)]

  7326 (3323)

Hydraulic Implement Pump Flow [gpm (l/m)]

  13 (49) Oil flow at the remote couplers will be less than pump flow

Optional Auxiliary Hydraulic Pump [gpm (l/m)]

  9 (34)

Available Offering Configurations

  2WD, 4WD, Cab or ROPS, in Value and Plus packages, High Clearance — TS6.120 only