Features EZ Guide 500 Lightbar available from Hines Equipment Co., NC



Everything you need to stay on the straight and narrow is combined into one easy-to-use device.The EZ-Guide® 500 Lightbar guidance system gives you multiple accuracy options with a built-in frequency GPS receiver. And, it's the world's first GPS lightbar with color display, mapping and steering capable of one-inch accuracy.


Hit the ground running with the simple RAM mount and handy startup wizard. You’ll be prompted for the input info required, and guided through calibration, GPS corrections and field pattern selections, so you’ll be on your way in under 30 minutes. EASY MONITORING Monitor your progress and track results with a color screen and real-time mapping. Thirty-two bright LEDS guide your course and control buttons allow for simple operation and multiple perspective views. At the end of the day, the USB flash drive lets you easily transfer your day's coverage to your computer to generate printed maps and reports.